An aphrodisiac is a substance that increases & intensifies sexual desire. For centuries, man has sought ways to increase sexual power, libido, and vitality. From love potions to herbs and sacred amulets, there are aphrodisiacs suggested in every folklore culture. Historically, items that resembled an egg, genitalia or semen were inherently thought to possess sexual energies.
Whether they work or not is a question for us all, but why not have fun trying? Experiment with yourself and with your partner, and maybe the experience itself will turn into your aphrodisiac!
Try heightening the mood with these love enhancing treats and create a scrumptious night to remember:
Raw Oysters
Tease eachother while eating these tantalizing appetizers
Enjoy a glass of wine or two as a romantic interlude
Dark Chocolate
If its melted, you can lick it off ;)
Dipped in chocolate for a double aphrodesiac effect
Pistachios & Almonds
Go nutz with eachother
Nutmeg & Vanilla
Spice up your evening with the aroma of baked goods. Add some whipped cream for added playfulness
Arugula, Truffles, Carrots, Basil, Sage, Cilantro, Avocados, Garlic, Ginger, Mustard, Celery, Artichokes, Pine Nuts, Asparagus, Figs
Incorporate these aphrodesiacs into a fresh salad or as ingredients in a romantic meal
Feed you partner, and let your imagination take you ;)
Make it an all-nighter!
If you’re looking for some hot date ideas to test out your aphrodisiacs, see our other post “ Seven Sexy Date Nights” for intimate activities you can play with your partner. Or, have some fun with a foreign tongue by whispering exotic phrases in their ear. Check out our post "Flirty Foreign Phrases".

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