lingerie style tips

Mix & Match Style Tips
We’re not going to advise you on what to wear or how clothing should be worn. Afterall, individuality is to be celebrated! Each person has their own unique style, their own preference, and their own amazing assets :) So choose a look that feels good to you! If you like dark colours or bright colours, prints or solids, boyshort panties or g-strings, or anything else in between, then feel free to experiment with them all. You can change your mind, like some styles more than others, go back to one of your favourite looks, or always be on the lookout for the next fashion fix. Whatever you decide to wear, have fun with the process! Play dressup in the mirror, put on a show for your partner, try something edgy one day, or don something different on another day. You may discover a whole new style about you!
Gone are the days when tops had to match bottoms and socks too. Anyone can simply wear whatever they want. Nowadays, you see so many interesting styles out there, from “Goth” to “Rockabilly” to “Retro” and “Prep”. The options available to you are wide open and entirely up to you. You can happily match a pink bra with a black crotchless panty, or put on a pretty red open crotch thong against black thigh high stockings for sexy contrast. Whatever you decide to wear, simply wear it with CONFIDENCE and you’re sure to look good.

Have fun mixing & matching your panties with different colour or same colour bras, stockings, bustiers, camisoles, babydolls, or garters, and don’t be shy about accessorizing! Add a cute matching bow to your hair, ribbons in your pigtails, put on some sexy high heels, or adorn a lavish necklace with your equally lavish lingerie.

If you’re buying intimates for your partner or gift-giving, the same style suggestions apply: Let them have their fun with it! Be receptive and encouraging. Show them that you admire all their looks and give them their glory. Because ultimately, they will be sharing their glory with you ;) See our other post "Tantric Sex" for some ideas on how to connect more deeply with your partner.

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