female erogenous zones
Female Erogenous Zones
Women have erogenous zones all over their body. They can be sensitive in some areas, ticklish in others, and explosively aroused when a certain part of their body is sexually stimulated. While the sensations may differ from person to person, the process of discovering your partner’s erotic erogenous zones is a fun and exciting intimate adventure!
On the surface of a woman’s body, try caressing these tender areas that have heightened touch sensitivities:
  • Neck
  • Ears
  • Feet
  • Back
  • Breasts (Nipples)
  • Behind the knee
  • Inner thigh
  • Clitoris

To unleash the power of mind-blowing orgasms, dig deeper into the female anatomy to discover these amazing hotspots:

G-SPOT – a small bean shaped area located 1 to 3” up the front of the vaginal wall. When massaged, the spongy tissue will swell and release a powerful orgasm. Oftentimes female ejaculation also occurs.
U-SPOT – highly sensitive glands that are located between the clitoris and the vaginal opening, within the soft urethral tissue. Stimulation of these glands encourages orgasm and the accompanying release of a large amount of fluid, similar to urine.
A-SPOT – an area deep in the vagina called the anterior fornix. When stimulated, will lead to intense orgasm & rapid vaginal lubrication. Similar or higher in intensity to the G-spot orgasm.
OTHER SPOTS – other orgasmic hotspots in the female body include: the uterus, the rectouterine pouch (located along the back wall of the vagina and the top wall of the anus), and the perineal sponge (the internal spongy area between the vagina and the rectum).
Explore eachother’s bodies and take the time to experiment with different positions and techniques. Use all of your senses to communicate your deepest desires: touch, feel, listen, speak, lick, kiss, caress, rub, bite, spank, and suck your way into a passionate love life! The experiences you share together will create unforgettable nights and incredible daydreams ;)

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