flirty foreign phrases

Flirty Foreign Phrases

Sometimes its not what you say, but how you say it! Your tone of voice can convey passion, excitement, love, lust, and seduction. Set the mood with these fun flirty and dirty phrases. Whisper them in your partners ear and create a romantic moment worth giggling over after. Or, toss the sheets aside and moan them out!
Put on a sexy foreign tongue to add some mystery and exoticism to your relationship. Seduce him/her with these tantalizing words, tease them through text, or write a fabulous love note:
I love you                                   
·       Ik hou van je (Dutch)
·       Te amo (Spanish)
·       Je t’aime (French)
I miss you
·         Mou leipeis (Greek)
·         Jag saknar dig (Swedish)
·         Ya skuchaju po tebe (Russian)
       You look so sexy
·       T’es trop sexy (French)
·       Eres tan sexi (Spanish)
·       Sembri cosi sexy (Italian)
I want you now
·         Seni simdi istiyorum (Turkish)
·         Te quiero ahora mismo (Spanish)
·         Jag vill ha dig nu (Swedish)
Kiss me
·       Suutele minua (Finnish)
·       Kuss mich (German)
·       Beija-me (Portugese)
You turn me on
·         anta fe'a-lan tutheerunee (Arabic)
·         Tu me excitas (Spanish)
·         Mi arrapi (Italian)
I want you in my bed
·       Yo le deseo en mi cama (Spanish)
·       Je te veux dan mon lit (French)
·       Ti voglio nel mio letto (Italian)
I want to see you naked
·         Me gustaria verte desnudo (Spanish)
·         Me piacerebbe da pazzi verderti nuda (Italian)
·         Szeretnelek latni ruha nelkul (Hungarian)

If you’re single, speaking some of these lusty phrases to another may quickly change that ;) Read our other post “Seven Sexy Date Nights” for some steamy date ideas. Or browse blog categories on the right. Shop for erotic lingerie. Plus sizes available.