Traditionally, underwear was worn under clothing to prevent outer garments from being soiled by body secretions (such as sweat & menstruation). Other uses included: shaping the body (eg. Corsets), providing support for sporting activities (eg. Jockstraps & bras), and for layered warmth. The main purpose for underwear was simply functionality. As society, fashion, and technology evolved, so did undergarments and their uses.

The earliest form of underwear worn by mankind is presumed to be the loincloth. Often, it was the only piece of clothing worn, and only covered the genitals. Made of wool, linen, or soft leather, the simplistic loincloth has been traced back 7000yrs to ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman eras.
 history underwear
The Renaissance age gave rise to more sophisticated layered clothing. Women wore long lavish dresses, and men adorned full trouser suits. Underpants were fitted underneath formal attire, and secured with flaps, buttons, and ties. To facilitate urination, underpants for both men & women were often made open-crotch so that entire costumes didn’t have to be unfastened & removed.
  open crotch underwear
As technology advanced with the invention of new methodologies and fabrics, clothing became more fashionable than functional. Modesty soon gave way to individuality, innovation, confidence, and sex appeal. Social liberation prompted more variety, colour, prints, and features in garments. New lifestyles emerged along with new pastimes. People rejoiced in music, the arts, and self-expression. Dancers were the first to wear stockings, garter belts, and g-strings, which paved the way for sexy lingerie that we see today. The gay community helped promote the allure of men’s fitted underwear, and professional fighters inspired the creation of boxer briefs. All these facets interlaced together to evolve underwear!
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From humble beginnings as a plain loincloth, we now have available to us lacey panties, cotton briefs, g-strings, padded bras, thongs, silk boxers, boyshorts, tangas, open crotch, hi-cut, low-rise, seamless, stretch, fluorescent, patterned, buttoned, crotchless, and so many more wonderful varieties of undies. History has also shown us that “open crotch” underwear is not something new. It has just been liberated through sexy new designing, luscious fabrics, and exotic features ;)
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