how to take measurements
Knowing your body measurements by heart is not just for aspiring models and bragging bodybuilders. With our measurements in hand, we can fit ourselves better, clothe ourselves better, look better, and feel better. If you can memorize a lock combination, then also memorize your most cherished asset, which are your body assets. Whether you’re a pear-shape, hourglass, straight & narrow, or buxom, equip yourself with your own identifying body measurements to select the clothing that is suitable for you, and not so much the other way around. With tape measure in hand, simply follow these easy steps:
1)    BUST – wrap the tape measure around your back and over the fullest part of your chest
2)    NATURAL WAISTLINE – measured above your hip bones & below your ribs where your body naturally indents. If you’re unsure of where this is, bend your body side to side to get a feel for your inherent curvature.
3)    HIPS – wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your upper bum and around the widest area of your hips
4)    INSEAM – measure from crotch to ankle bone on the inside of your leg
Clothing sizes often vary across brands, between styles, and with fabric stretchability. When selecting underwear in particular, the fit should be snug. Thongs don’t necessarily fit the same way as bikini panties, or boyshorts. Boyshorts for example, require full bum & hip coverage, so the size would necessarily be bigger. Instead of following the S, M, L, XL, 1X, 2X size classification, you may do well to follow the clothing’s measurements instead. To assist you with underwear fitting, we put together a brief guideline (get the pun?) that may help you choose a better fit, especially if you are buying or gifting for another:

Take your waist measurement in inches and divide in half (W). Next, take your hip measurement and divide in half (H). If you are more hippy/larger in the bum, then follow the hip guide instead of the waist guide. Measure the panty laying flat to match what your calculated size should be. Take also into account fabric stretchability, and the Length of the panty. Bikinis & hiphuggers are usually low-rise.
W –  0.5” = Top Width
(Waist minus half an inch equals Top Width)
H – 2.5” = Top Width
(Hip minus two and a half inches equals Top Width)
W – 1” = Top Width
H – 3” = Top Width
W – 2” = Top Width
H – 4” = Top Width
You see from the approximations above that boyshorts/hiphuggers fit closer to your size measurements, but for thongs and bikini panties you size down more. When in doubt, just measure your existing well fitting panties to the panties that you intend to buy.
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