strip poker sexy lingerie
So you have a free night together… Should you watch a movie? Order some takeout? Get cozy on the couch together? Or does this date night sound all too familiar… Didn’t you do that last weekend?? Spice up tonight with some sexy Strip Poker!
The rules are simple: Instead of playing poker with money or chips, you play with your clothing. Start the card game wearing 6 or more pieces of clothing each. Follow the general poker game play rules to determine winning hands. You can refer to this Wikipedia article for a complete list of poker hands and instructions. 5-card draw is best for strip poker. At the end of each round, the person with the worst hand has to remove an article of clothing. Now the question is, do you get to choose what gets taken off? Do they strip for you or do you get to undress them? This is where the fun begins! You can play a game of simple strip poker, or up the ante with these more erotic variants:
STRIP & SEDUCE POKER – For more fun & adventure, start the game wearing lingerie, crotchless panties, or a sexy costume instead of regular clothing. Each time you lose, reveal yourself with an enticing strip show, or be forced to do an act by your partner.
STRIP & SIP POKER – Add some wine or intoxicating alcohol. Make it a sexy messy night!
STRIP & PLAY POKER – Let your partner choose what gets taken off, then they get access to that body part for foreplay (ie. massaging, kissing, licking, etc.).

Don’t forget to set a Grand Prize for the winner! You can make it a dare, a fantasy of their choice, or other erotic twist of your imagination! If poker is not your game, try playing a strip boardgame like Strip Monopoly, Strip Twister, or Strip Scrabble. Or challenge each other’s skill with sexy Strip Darts, Strip Pool, or Strip Horseshoes. Change the rules and create your fun!

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