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The word “fetish” originates from Portuguese roots, describing an object that possessed supernatural powers over someone. Today, when you hear the word fetish, it’s most often associated with an unusual sexual fixation to a situation or thing. But what is “usual” anyways? Having sex in missionary position? Being only moderately attracted to a person or object? Doing what everyone else does? What you normally do each day? Suddenly, “usual” sounds so boring!  
What’s normal to some may simply be considered unusual to others. Especially from a global standpoint, the variety of different cultures and tastes is limitless. Maybe you enjoy lawn bowling every Sunday, yet your neighbor skydives every day. Your desire can be mild or it can be extreme. Size, type, duration, technique, frequency… these terms can all be used to describe sexual preference, but they can also be used to describe food, clothing, or shelter. We each have our own unique desires for persons, places, and things, and sex is no exception. If your desire is strong & unwavering, and takes on special meaning for you, then a fetish is born.
Perhaps you have a shoe fetish, a chocolate fetish, or a person-in-uniform fetish. How about a panty fetish, bondage fetish, or exhibitionism fetish? What makes one fetish acceptable, and another one considered weird? Anyone can turn anything into a fetish. If you apply respect and consent with yourself and others, a fetish can be delish!
Here is a list of 5 “Common” sexual fetishes:
1)    Lingerie (Panties, Bras, Stockings, etc.)
2)    Body Piercings
3)    Leather & Latex
4)    Feet and/or Shoes/High-heels
5)    BDSM (Bondage/Discipline, Sadism/Masochism)
Here are some “Less Common” sexual fetishes:
1)    Mannequins
2)    Furries (People dressed in animal suits)
3)    Urination
4)    Cuckolding (watching your partner having sex with someone else)
5)    Belly Buttons
As you can see, fetishes vary widely. Even the fetish experience itself is unique to each individual. A fetish can be something shared with a partner, or it can even BE your partner. Find out if there’s a fetish in you!
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