sexy dates

Seven sexy date nights for seven days of the week. Spice up your sex life with these hot date ideas! Take turns choosing an activity, or go wild on a 7-day stint every day of the week! Don’t be shy... Strike up an intimate conversation with your partner and explore the possibilities together. Or, plan a sexy surprise ;)
            Striptease SUNDAY in some sexy lingerie
            Movie MONDAY watch a porn film together or act one out
            Tango TUESDAY with some dirty dancing
            Wet WEDNESDAY in the Hot tub
            Tasty THURSDAY wearing body dessert
            Freaky FRIDAY in costume with some sexy roleplay
            Secret SATURDAY rendezvous in a public place
Then when you’re done the seven days, do them again! And again! Ok ok… here are Seven more Sexy Date Nights to keep the momentum going:
            Servant SUNDAY pamper your partner all day
            Massage MONDAY with a romantic candlelit night
            Text TUESDAY dirty sexting throughout the workday
            Wager WEDNESDAY challenge eachother with dirty dares
            Toy THURSDAY play with sex toys
             Fun FRIDAY game night with strip poker or naked twister
            Sutra SATURDAY try a new sex position from the kama sutra
To help you plan your erotic affairs, shop for sexy crotchless panties and themed thongs. Wear a crotchless panty on those secret rendezvous nights, or under a garter set on striptease night. Try a french maid themed open crotch thong on sexy roleplay night, or wear one as a visual teaser on strip poker night. Who says Mondays are boring? Spice up your love life with a Sexy Date Night!

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