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Tantric Sex
Tantric sex is more than just sex and an orgasm. In Tantra, a couple explores their sexuality by open-heartedly embracing their innermost desires, and through fully connecting their bodies. Achieving intense intimate connection is our birthright, and the result can be a powerful union of sexual energy. Tantric sex can release whole body orgasms that can be felt fully from head to toe and prolonged in duration.
The Tantra experience focuses simply on giving and receiving pleasure instead of intercourse as the ultimate goal. Love, trust, and respect combine to produce a blissful erotic haven. Lovers who practice Tantric techniques can learn to direct their sexual energies through their body “chakras” (energy centers) to create feelings of shared ecstasy. Try these Tantric exercises to unify your souls and open your heart:
  • SACRED SPACE: Select a comfortable place where you & your partner can explore your senses together. Light candles, play music, and bake cookies or appetizers to create an aroma. Sit facing eachother and breathe. Take this time to appreciate one another, and feel your heart flowing out to them.

  • EROTIC TOUCH: Invite your lover to caress your body. Feed eachother, massage eachother, bathe eachother, dance together, blow softly on their skin, or anything that enjoyably joins your senses together. Share your desires in an encouraging way and thank your lover through kind words, touch, moans, and giving. Allow your vulnerabilities to surface. Take time to discover & experiment with eachother for hours, days, weeks, or months before intercourse.

  • EXPLORE SEX POSITIONS:  When you feel connected, open, happy, and comfortable with erotic touch, explore what excites you & your partner. During love-making, try different positions. Visualize your sexual energies unified together with your wrapped bodies instead of localized to the genital regions. Release yourself into male-dominant and female-dominant unions. Introduce sex toys, lingerie, satin sheets, or whatever opens & expands your desires.

  • SAVIOUR TOGETHER: As your sexual connection with your partner deepens, your desire for sex will increase. Orgasms lengthen, multiple whole body orgasms are obtained, sensual awareness heightens, health improves, and life feels exhilarating!
By consciously freeing your sexual energy, you can tap into an amazing life source of vitality, fun, and excitement! Create your own Tantra today, and enjoy a lifetime of loving blissful sex ;)
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