what to say during sex

Sex is oftentimes viewed as a purely physical act. Even the sight of a naked body alone can illicit intense passion and furor. The touch of soft lips, a wet tongue, or simply feeling the heat off another person’s body is incredibly intoxicating. They may smell nice, and taste even better ;) When we make use of ALL our amazing senses in conjunction, we have the recipe for an extraordinary love-making session!
The human senses are: Sight, Taste, Smell, Touch, and lastly… Hearing. Our senses are each uniquely expressive. They relay our experiences, desires & feelings. Whether you want to convey lust, sensitivity, excitement or craze, do it in conjunction with ALL your innate senses for maximum effect. Release your thoughts with the wonderful power of words.
What do you like to hear during sex?
Your answer may also tell you what to say during sex. As a general guideline, we put together “Four A’s” of communicating during sex to help you find the words:


ASK – for what you want, or what they like. Communicate with an open heart, open mind & open body. “Spank me!” is not asking, it’s demanding LOL. So ASK for it instead ;)
ANSWER – honestly. If you don’t like something, or want more of something else, simply say so. Follow up your ANSWER with some positive AFFIRMing to alleviate any negative actions.

ACKNOWLEDGE – their desires & your pleasure with moans, verbal appreciation, and reciprocation. Let them know they’re doing a damn good job! Then ASK for more!
AFFIRM – their efforts with continuous assurance. Tell them how good they make you feel & how great you want to make them feel. Share confidence. Share the experience.


Sex can be unleashing, intense, naughty, exotic, relaxing, or a spiritual affair. You decide what to make of it. See our other post “Tantric Sex” for some thought provoking tips. Or browse blog topics on your right. 
For fun, we show comedian Doogie Horner’s amusing flowchart above called, “Things To Say During Sex”. Maybe it’ll give you some ideas :) Oh and please excuse the profanity. Enjoy!
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