Its a common misconception that only "slutty girls" wear crotchless panties and open crotch thongs. Or that crotchless panties are only for woman who are riské. Not true at all.

who wears crotchless panties


The reality is that most people who buy crotchless panties are actually husband & wife, or mature fun loving couples who like to spice up their sex life. Crotchless panties are no doubt fun! They're intriguing and incredibly erotic. If you've ever seen a cut out bathing suit, or worn a pair of ripped jeans, you can understand the sex appeal that's created with a "hole". Think of an open crotch panty as just that. A panty with a sexy "hole" or opening. Its eye-catching, alluring, and stimulates the imagination.

When shopping for a shirt, you have the option of buying a t-shirt, long sleeve, tank top, button up, crop top, pockets, no pockets, V-neck, spaghetti strap, zip up, or a multitude of other styles. You can choose to have full coverage or just partial coverage. In a similar light, we aim to provide you with more variety, features, enhancements, and options, but in the form of pretty panties. Trixx designers work diligently to come up with new unique styles that will enhance your wardrobe and erotic experiences ;)

Apart from increasing sex appeal, crotchless panties are also useful for women during pregnancy, and helpful for people who have bladder/medical issues (eg. Ostomy). Some women also like to cover up during sex, and crotchless panties let you do just that while they keep you looking hot! People (men and women alike) with alternative lifestyles also enjoy wearing crotchless panties. Keep an open mind! Add some variety, and experiment with your options :) Crotchless panties have many wonderful uses... we invite you to discover yours. For more helpful tips, see our other post "12 Fun Reasons to Own Crotchless Panties".

Similar to a garter set or lingerie teddy, crotchless panties are simply made for intimacy. Try a pair. You may just discover the Vixen in you ;)