what are crotchless panties

What are Crotchless Panties?
Crotchless panties are panties that have an opening at the crotch area. The opening is usually one of several styles:
Open gap (ie. no material there)
Split (as in the case of an open crotch thong)

The term "Crotchless Panties" itself isnt very flattering, is it? We would prefer to call them "Convertible Panties" or "Open-Ended Panties" because that's exactly what they are. They are panties with more fun features! However, "Crotchless Panties" is the name that is known, so we'll embrace that. Why wear crotchless panties you ask? See our other post "12 fun Reasons to Own Crotchless Panties" for some insightful answers to this question. Crotchless panties are also referred to by other mainstream names. Here are some other phrases for crotchless panties and thongs:

open crotch panty or thong
peekaboo panty
crotchless lingerie
crotchless knickers
crotchless underwear
open panties
sexy panties
open crotch lingerie
crotchless bikini
Incredible Sex Panties!
Playful Panties!
Happy Panties!

Just kidding. We made up the last 3 terms to see if you were still reading. But dont take our word for it, have a look at the feedback from our sexy interactive panties:

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