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Cute Fun Hairstyles

Apr 23, 2014 8:13:04 AM

Sexy can be intimidating sometimes! Maybe you’re celebrating a special occasion and want things to be just right, perfectly romantic and wildly passionate. Or perhaps you bought some new crotchless panties or an erotic lingerie outfit, and are unsure if it will really please your partner. There is pressure and doubt. You say to yourself, “Does this look good?” – “Will they like it?” – “Will it turn them on?” You fix yourself repeatedly. Then your thoughts become meticulous and you start to scrutinize yourself.  Wait a second… this isn’t fun. You should be thinking excited thoughts like, “I look HOT in this!” – “They are gonna LOVE this outfit!” – “We are going to have so much FUN!”. So, how to make the mental switch from feeling awkward to awesome? Simply add FUN! Be cute. Be silly! Let go of control. Laugh it off! In doing so, you’ll see the play in every situation and admire yourself all the more for that. Comfort breeds confidence, and confidence is ultra sexy! So have FUN dressing up :) Try a different look. A new outfit. A different hairstyle. Play. Enjoy yourself!

Here is an assortment of cute and fun hairstyles you can try out:
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Have short hair? No problem. Have fun with a wig on! Try these “Sexy Poses” in the mirror. Or practice speaking some exotic “Flirty Foreign Phrases”. If your new hairdo has you feeling frisky, try one of these fun and adventurous “Roleplay Ideas”.
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Panties for Body Types

Dec 19, 2012 7:39:23 AM

panties plus size lingerie trixx intimates


Each person has their own beautiful body shape. Whether you’re bigger in the hips, straighter in the waist, or fuller in the bum, one of your most precious assets is your life yielding body. So love it inside-out… feel it… move proudly! Pamper your body… and smile… because it’s uniquely yours :)
You’re free to wear whatever you want, and we encourage you to try different styles. See what works best for you and experiment with a variety of looks. You may be pleasantly surprised at how you feel in various outfits. So play your favorite tune on the stereo and give yourself the most awesome fashion show! Then perform it again for your partner!  Here are some panty wearing tips to help you get started:
If you are…

Fuller in the hips & bust with a narrow waist
Wide waistband,
flat front, contour lines
Hip coverage, higher waist
Full briefs, Wide thongs
Dark colours,
Vertical lines/patterns
Fullest in the hips, bum & thighs, with a smaller top
Simple waistband, contour lines, detailing at the bottom
Hi-cut, low-rise
Tanga or
V-thong, Cheekies,
Dark colours,
Larger patterns/prints
Bust, waist & hips are uniform and narrow
Layers, ruffles, bows, front and back detailing,  more texture
Hiphugger, low-rise
Cheekies, Thongs
Bright colours,
Bold patterns
Broad chest & narrow hips
Hip ruffles, side detailing, tiers & pleats
High waist
Bikini briefs
Bright colours,
In general, try to balance out your body proportions while maintaining curves. If you wish to highlight specific curves, draw attention to the area with brighter colours, bolder patterns, heavier textures, and extra detailing. To tone down an area, use darker colours, simpler styles, contour lines, and lighter fabrics. For more panty style tips, read our blog post “Mix & Match Style Tips”. Or learn "How To Take Your Measurements” for a proper fit.
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Nude Photo Tips

Mar 10, 2012 6:33:48 AM

 nude photo lingerie tips
Nude photography or sketch work between couples is a great way to rediscover the awe that you experienced at the beginning of a relationship. Take a closer in- depth look at your partner, and beauty will emerge in ways that you didn’t see before. Subtle curvatures of their body are enhanced by simple light & shadows, and you really learn to appreciate every line, shape, movement, and expression in the person (once again).

So sharpen those pencils or grab a camera, and let the creativity flow through between you! Nude photos, erotic pics, and sexy lingerie photos also make great surprise anniversary gifts. Here are some nude photo tips to help you get started:

1)    Don’t wear any tight clothing (ie. bra, underwear, socks, tight jeans, etc.) a few hrs before shooting or you will have indentation lines on your body that may show up in the pictures.
2)    Think of what kind of shots you want (ie. artistic, explicit, tastefully sexy, sensuous, etc), and prepare a storyboard to sequence & plan your photo shoot. You can find many “Sexy Poses” in our other fun blog post. It helps to order the poses in increasing intensity. Start with sensual photos like the bare back, or close angled shots that accentuate the curves. Faceless shots (with head turned away) concentrate on the body and can be very elegant. In general, simplicity is best.
3)    Choose an environment/backdrop to match, and test out different lighting. A solid black draping with spot lighting from the side, velvet sheets, an armchair, or smooth white wall all make nice easy backdrops. When testing the lighting, do it with clothes on first to get adjusted. Increase the temperature of the room for nude comfort. If you’re shooting outdoors, don’t forget a trench coat! ;)
4)    Have a cover-up robe available in between shots for comfort & relaxation. Some snacks, wine, soft music, and candles all help to create ambiance. 
5)    Gather any props you may want to use (ie. pearl necklace, boa, scarf, roses, gloves, hats, sexy lingerie etc.). Partially covered shots can be more erotic than fully nude shots. Try an unbuttoned shirt, sheer sheets, or hands covering some body parts.
6)    Try black & white, grey tone, sepia, and colour photo variations to achieve different looks.
7)    Switch roles. Be the photographer in the next round.
8)    But most important of all… Have FUN!

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