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Trixx's Sexxy Lingerie Blog

We created this blog to provide fun and informative articles on crotchless panties, erotic lingerie, and intimacy. Like you, we didnt know what crotchless panties were at one point, how they were used, or what they were best suited for. With this blog, we hope that you gain some insight, have some fun along the way, and enjoy the read :)

Cute Fun Hairstyles

 Apr 23, 2014 8:13:04 AM By trixxintimatesdotcom

Sexy can be intimidating sometimes! Maybe you’re celebrating a special occasion and want things to be just right, perfectly romantic and wildly passionate. Or perhaps you bought some new crotchless panties or an erotic lingerie outfit, and are unsure if it will really please your partner. There is pressure and doubt. You say to yourself, “Does this look good?” – “Will they like it?” – “Will it turn them on?” You fix yourself repeatedly. Then your thoughts become meticulous and you start to scrutinize yourself.  Wait a second… this isn’t fun. You should be thinking excited thoughts like, “I look HOT in this!” – “They are gonna LOVE this outfit!” – “We are going to have so much FUN!”. So, how to make the mental switch from feeling awkward to awesome? Simply add FUN! Be cute. Be silly! Let go of control. Laugh it off! In doing so, you’ll see the play in every situation and admire yourself all the more for that. Comfort breeds confidence, and confidence is ultra sexy! So have FUN dressing up :) Try a different look. A new outfit. A different hairstyle. Play. Enjoy yourself!

Here is an assortment of cute and fun hairstyles you can try out:
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Have short hair? No problem. Have fun with a wig on! Try these “Sexy Poses” in the mirror. Or practice speaking some exotic “Flirty Foreign Phrases”. If your new hairdo has you feeling frisky, try one of these fun and adventurous “Roleplay Ideas”.
Shop www.trixxintimates.com for sexy crotchless lingerie and open crotch underwear. Seductive unique designs. Plus size panties available. Read what our Customers have to say here. Shop today!
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Free Gift Messaging Service

 Feb 20, 2014 8:07:11 AM By trixxintimatesdotcom

Trixx Intimates is pleased to offer a FREE Gift Messaging Service for our wonderful customers. Simply add your personalized message to the Gift Options field of your order, and we will include your special message in a lovely gift note with the order. Crotchless panties make great playful gifts between lovers, spouses, for bachelorette party gifts, anniversaries, sexy surprises, and as collectibles for lingerie lovers! Give the gift of sexy crotchless panties for more fun and excitement!  

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Your happiness and satisfaction is important to us! Please feel free to share your comments or suggestions through our contact form. Learn more about our Company by browsing our online store www.trixxintimates.com or read some quick facts about us here. Thank you for choosing Trixx! We really appreciate your time. Check out our other blog posts “Ways to Wear Crotchless Panties ” and “Sex Games for Couples” for fun date ideas!
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Fun Orgasm Facts

 Jan 7, 2014 7:59:24 AM By trixxintimatesdotcom

 orgasm sex tips crotchless panties
It’s not Often that an Object has the ability to Overpower Our minds and take control with an Overwhelming ability to Occupy and Obsess… We become Overzealous by this thing in an effort to Obtain Ooohs and Ooows Out of the Ordinary. It’s an Outlet that makes us feel both Overwhelmed and Overjoyed from the Onset. We get Overanxious right before its Outburst of energy. Then we’re Optimistic again to Outdo Our last Ovation… We’re not just talking about “O” words here, are we? We’re referring to the Big “O” as in ORGASM.

Here are some interesting facts about the mighty that “O” you may want to know:

1)    Orgasm becomes easier with age – On average 61% of women aged 18-24yrs experience orgasm VS 65% of women in their 30’s and 70% of women in their 40’s & 50’s. Perhaps due to the sexual confidence obtained from experience, body comfort, and from feelings of intimacy & trust developed with a partner over time.
2)    The French term for orgasm is “Le Petit Mort” which translates to “The little death”.
3)    The duration of a man’s orgasm averages 10-15 seconds, however it can last up to 30 seconds.
4)    The main factors which inhibit a person’s ability to have multiple orgasms are fear and anxiety. Learning to relax and let go (mentally surrender) can unlock orgasms of increased intensity, frequency, and duration.
5)    Both the clitoris and the penis have over 8000 sensory nerve endings that can receive stimulation. Odds of orgasm increase to ~80% for women when clitoral stimulation is involved VS ~25% with intercourse alone.
6)    For both sexes, orgasm can be reached through anal sex/stimulation alone.
7)    One in 10 women have never experienced orgasm
8)    Some people can achieve orgasm with fantasy thoughts alone, minus any touch.
9)    Orgasms release endorphins which add to feelings of intimacy & closeness with a partner, they provide stress relief, and relaxation.
10)  Around 2/3 of women and 1/3 of men admit to having faked an orgasm at least once in their lives.
So where to go for the Big “O”? Read some of the tips in our blog post “Tantric Sex”. Or explore the “Female Erogenous Zones” to help you get started. G”O” for it! :)

Shop online at www.trixxintimates.com for interactive erotic lingerie. Sexy open crotch boyshorts, panties, thongs, hiphuggers, cheeky panties, peekaboo bra sets and more! Try something NEW & FUN with your partner!
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