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Trixx's Sexxy Lingerie Blog

We created this blog to provide fun and informative articles on crotchless panties, erotic lingerie, and intimacy. Like you, we didnt know what crotchless panties were at one point, how they were used, or what they were best suited for. With this blog, we hope that you gain some insight, have some fun along the way, and enjoy the read :)

Why Choose Trixx Intimates?

 Nov 14, 2012 7:30:00 AM By trixxintimatesdotcom

crotchless lingerie by trixx intimates

Trixx Intimates is a boutique lingerie manufacturer that specializes in crotchless panties and interactive erotic underwear. We pride ourselves on providing personable knowledgeable service that you can rely on and feel comfortable in dealing with. Why shop with us?
  Choose from an assortment of uniquely designed panties made exclusively by Trixx Intimates. Not available elsewhere.
  We are the actual manufacturers and your valued opinions are taken into direct consideration when manufacturing new models. We continually strive to bring you more of what you really want and like.
  Reliable good quality sexy panties
  Accurate sizing & plus size availability
  Nice packaging that’s hygienic
  Free postcard with each order providing helpful tips on crotchless panties
  Free gift note option for gift orders
  Free gift when you buy 3 or more panties!
  All items are in stock, no backorders. We process orders quickly and securely within 24hrs Monday-Friday
  Discreet shipping (your privacy is always respected)
  Advice on crotchless panties, erotic lingerie, and steamy sex tips are always easily accessible here from our blog!
For lingerie care tips, see our blog post “Sexy Lingerie Care”. Want to learn more about “Sexual Fetish” or need some “Roleplay Ideas”? Click on more blog topics to your right. Shop online at www.trixxintimates.com for interactive erotic panties. Try something NEW & FUN today!
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Why Have Crotchless Panties?

 Sep 21, 2012 7:17:23 AM By trixxintimatesdotcom

why crotchless panties


Maybe you’re new to crotchless panties, you’ve never heard of them before, or you feel intimidated by their appearance. You ask yourself, what is the point? Why have them? Why wear them?

Crotchless panties make you FEEL erotic

They also make you feel mischievous, seductive, playful, daring, and frisky! If you’ve ever worn a pair of granny panties or full briefs before, you’ll know that they feel comfortable, casual, and safe. They look plain, and they make you feel plain. Contrast that to a different time when you wore a pretty lace thong. You felt sexier. Similar to wearing track pants VS dress pants, or high heels VS sneakers, you feel different in whatever you’re wearing. You have the power to control your feelings when choosing your attire. If you don’t care for what you wear, then you will feel the same way. Instead, what if you said to yourself, “I want to feel insanely smokin’ hot and SO irresistible that my partner jumps me!!!”. Then you would reach into your drawer, and simply put on a pair of crotchless panties :) Why not?

For tips on how to wear crotchless panties, check out our other blog post “Ways to Wear Crotchless Panties”. For fun foreplay ideas, go to “Sex Games for Couples”.

Shop www.trixxintimates.com for exotic crotchless panties, thongs, boyshorts, and g-strings. Give the gift of playful lingerie. Try something NEW & FUN today… Fast, discreet worldwide shipping.
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NEW Crotchless Panties

 Aug 17, 2012 7:01:27 AM By trixxintimatesdotcom

Checkout these sexy NEW designs of exotic crotchless panties exclusively from Trixx Intimates!
Feel free to tell us what designs you'd like to see more of through our contact form
open crotch bikini panty  crotchless bikini panty
 open rear open crotch panty  open crotch boyshort panty
 open crotch open rear panty open crotch thong 

Shop www.trixxintimates.com for fashionable exit panties, peekaboo panties, open rear panties, fancy crotchless panties, and open cup bra & open crotch thong sets. Bookmark our website for your erotic crotchless lingerie!

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