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Games aren’t just for kids or for a means to relieve boredom. They provide amusement, they test your skills, abilities, fuel your imagination and spark curiosity. As adults, we grow accustomed to entertaining ourselves through pastimes such as watching television, reading newswires, cooking, working out, shopping and gambling. But are these pastimes truly rewarding, or do they simply “pass the time”? How can we make them better?
Any activity that you share with another expands your experience of that activity. Do you love long walks? Play poker? Enjoy photography? Reading? Or playing ball? Continue to do the things that you love, but consider that sharing these same activities with your partner will broaden your overall life experience and strengthen your connection. But she doesn’t like poker, you say… Or, he doesn’t find reading very enjoyable… That’s ok, you don’t have to experience that activity in the exact same way that your partner is used to. Here’s where you put your spin on it. You say,
How can we turn this into a fun game?... For US
Taking the hobbies above as examples, here is what they could look like with a sexy spin on them:
-    Instead of watching TV, write a script together & act it out. Make it as silly, erotic, or offbeat as you’d like. Have fun writing each other’s roles, filming yourselves, or try playing different characters in different environments. Maybe you meetup as strangers in a bar, or rent a hotel room and act out your fantasy there. Enjoy creating any script you desire.     
-    Play photographer & sexy model. Or nude painter.
-    Make playful bets with each other. Become more daring with each round. Keep a keepsake of each event   for glory, or for crazy memories.
-    Read to each other some literotica (erotic fiction), poetry, or self-written fantasy.
-    Cook naked. Play with ice cubes. Put a mint in your mouth, lick & blow softly.
-    Send your partner some sexy lingerie with a tantalizing note.
-    Have sex after a good workout when your hormone levels are high, and feel the difference.
-    Venture out into nature & make love there, under the stars.
-    Play tackle football in your underwear. Or play hide & seek, and have sex wherever you are found.
Any activity can be made into a fun couple’s sex game. You could watch paint dry, or decide to bodypaint each other instead. Or you can stare at the ceiling in boredom, or decide that the ceiling could use a mirror ;) Apply your inborn creativity and awesome imagination to all parts of your life, including your sex life!
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